Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Friday, June 27, 2008

Sounds boring? Far from it.

My friend Grace and I went up to buy lunch. Borough Market is a farmers market on steroids. OK, unfortunate phrase - a lot of the produce is organic. The idea was to grab a drink in the George; buy lunch; come back to my flat to cook it; then pop out to the Cricketers (the local local) for a quick drink.

Grace hadn't been to Borough Market before. It's right by London Bridge station so very quick from here. A mass of stalls selling cheese, meat, vegetables, wines, cider, jams, bread and a whole lot of other produce. Nothing adventurous on the veg front - just new potatoes and spinach. Then a tour of the various butchers to find some nice steaks to grill, and we did choose steak. All to be washed down with a nice bottle of plum wine and followed by cheese and biscuits. There was some discussion on the cheese but as hostess I opted for a goats cheese gorgonzola.

Confession - I had to resort to Margaret Patten's book (old) to find out how long the new potatoes needed to be cooked!

A very nice meal with good company. All in all a good afternoon.


Debbie K said...

Hi Kate
I am so pleased you had a good afternoon with Grace.
Good company, good host, no wonder you had a good time.

I hope you enjoy your well deserved holiday.



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