Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Saturday, February 28, 2009

I upload enough crap photos taken in a hurry or in very poor light conditions that sometimes people must wonder whether I can take quality photographs. So I thought I would upload one I took about 3 years ago just to show that I can manage something good when I have time and the right conditions! I've only uploaded a small size image - I may upload a full one at some point.

Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My main perfune is Chanel No 5 and always will be. It's a happy perfume and affordable for everyday wear. A spray always lives in my handbag.

On top of that I usually have something by Elizabeth Arden. I like her fragrances in general. At the moment it's 5th Avenue but that's getting hard to find so I'll probably have to switch to something different in a year or so. Much as I like 5th Avenue, it can be a bit sweet if I'm dressed up so I've been on the hunt for something else. I found it quite unexpectedly. As well as 5th Avenue I tend to have a bottle of something. Quite what varies - it'll be an impulse purchase of something discounted. If I don't like it much, I'll wear it for popping to the shops or between an evening bath and bed. Sometimes though I hit on something to add to the core repertoire and that has just happened to me with Orazuli. It's just what I was looking for for special occasions.

If you are interested in it, then I wrote a Squidoo lens reviewing Orazuli. Rather than repeat myself, I've just popped the link here.

Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I think I've mentioned that the brown dress isn't the first I have designed - that was this blue one. Sorry about cropping my face but I'd been yanked out of breakfast for my fitting and hadn't got my face on so I'm being shy!

Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm feeling proud of myself today. For a couple of months I have wanted to replace emoticons like :) in my sidebar twitter lifestream with an emoticon image like *happy. At the same time, I've also managed to tidy up the stream to get rid of direct tweets. (I'd had a workround using a Yahoo pipe before but it was ugly as people could have followed the wrong stream.)

It's got the most impenetrable line of code I have written in many years. Take a look at this:


It got so bad I wrote another programme just to write this line of code for me.

The emoticons in the sidebar here are tiny but I can use the same code and just point it at a different set of emoticons to get big 3D ones. I'll probably set up a separate life stream blog with big chunky graphics as a demonstration.

All of which to many of my readers is probably goobledygook. Maybe, but along the way I have mastered Javascript, JSON and regex. That signifcicantly increases what I can do - for instance the recent comments was a sideline out of this project.

Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More and more people of all ages have been trying speed dating, so I thought I would give it a go. The session was quite short because it was just inserted into another large event, so I only 'met' 8 guys. It was a decent taster.

Nothing came of it but I only got 3 minutes which each guy. There is no way that's long enough for me. Maybe ten minutes but anything less and I've barely had time to say hello properly!

Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I've added writing a Squidoo lens on Chonburi, Thailand to my ever growing list of things to do. Just because it isn't in the tourist brochures, people seem to have a negative picture of it and rule it out as somewhere to stay. It's perhaps not somewhere I would recommend to somebody who was only in Thailand for a couple of weeks, but it's a fantastic base for anybody spending several weeks in Thailand - and quite a few ex pats live in Chonburi

There are a number of temples worth visiting in Chonburi itself. The picture is the one behind the main post office. The pagoda is covered in tiny little bells that tinkle in the wind. It's quite a big complex (Wat) with a courtyard behind the front building, and another worship hall at the back of the courtyard. In a later post, I'll also put up pictures of the Big Buddha on the edge of town.

The great thing about Chonburi though is convenience. If you want a day of sightseeing in Bangkok the bus only takes about 90 minutes and costs about £1. Pattaya is a similar distance in the opposite direction, but quicker as there is less traffic. Pattaya is an interesting place - but scores very highly on the tackiness scale. Not my taste - although I did pick up a nice tiger eye necklace there. A better option for the beach from Chonburi is just to jump on one of the trucks to Bang Saen - a whopping 25p. Bang Saen is the beach used by Thais rather than Westerners. You may say an occasional white face, but probably an ex pat family rather than tourists. Even the backpackers don't seem to have discovered Bang Saen beach. Yet the sand is better than Pattaya. There are still lots of food traders who frill fresh prawns, squid or crab. Delicious.

All in all, Chonburi is authentic Thailand - many residents can speak no English - convenient ... and cheap. Well worth considering!

Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, February 01, 2009

For the first time ever, I've joined an online dating site. I've even paid to go along to a singles event on Valentines Day. There have always been so many reason why a steady partner would complicate life too much. I've enjoyed the past year. I was away weeks on end at times - even some of my friends are saying I was away too much so God knows what a partner would have said. But, still, it would also be nice to have somebody to share it all with.

There's a recent article in the Times on "How to find a man" if you are over 40. As always, it's pick out the bits that seem sensible and ignore the rest, but this bit seemed aposite:

Long-term single women have been known to get hooked on keeping their options open. You secretly like the feeling that something life-changing might be just around the corner. And the reason you — who travels solo, makes friends easily and never says no to adventure — need to rethink your future is because you may be ready to try everything and risk everything but your heart.
Surprisingly, those of us who tend to have very broad social networks and are used to flying off anywhere on our own can find settling for one person, even finding that one really special person, harder than for those who are less independently minded. And then there's this:
Assume that you are going to be having sex in the very near future. It generates that mixture of adrenaline and pheromones that people have been trying to bottle since the beginning of time.
- Make the extra effort. If you go to the party wearing your second-hottest dress, because you are saving your No 1 dress and you’ve already decided that you’ll only stay for an hour, then you might as well not bother. You will not exude the right anything-is-possible glow and the One will look in your
direction and think “Downer”.

Yep, I am someone who would save her best dress - that's so me. On the other hand, when you start reading profiles of men on dating sites its obvious that some of them are really only interested in the sex. So, when over 40, do you go for the option of sex when it's offered (and for back for me if it turns out to be great sex), or do you hold out for Mr Wonderful and hope he happens to also be half decent in bed? And I'm not modern enough to sleep with somebody on the first date. I had a friend I've lost touch with, but I'd say to her, "Have you slept with Fred [insert name of random bloke] yet?" I got used to her saying, "No I like him so it's too soon." When she'd slept with someone on the first of second date, I knew not to ask about him again - sex was her way of saying good bye. I wonder whether men are the same? A woman is mysterious until she goes to bed with him. No, on balance I think waiting a bit is for the best.

And she goes on... Pick your man. Don’t wait for him to find you. The One says he saw me steaming across the room, nostrils flared, elbowing women out of my path, but this is not true. I did spot him in the distance and then sort of worked my way across the room in his direction. But it’s true that I made it happen. And then, drum roll please, I did that thing happily single women so often forget to do. I set about making him like me (as opposed to waiting for him to prove to me that he was worth the trouble).

That's certainly true. Or is it? Do men like women who make the running? Would I - we - want man who doesn't have the balls to approach us? It's too complicated for me I think so I'm going to go to bed with my teddy bear and see what he thinks I should do.


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