Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Saturday, April 25, 2009

I finally listened to the video of her performance on Britain's Got Talent. Somewhat humbling to find that 44,197,627 people have got there before me: not cool. However, the look on Simon and Pier's faces makes them look even less cool.

Oh and those numbers exclude 5m more who watched the HQ version and another 2m who have watched the HD version.

Views aren't all positive. There are a few reviews which rate it as "rubbish". Personally I think it's outstanding: better than any stage version I have heard. Better for instance than the 10th anniversary concert which is also on YouTube - and which has less than 2m views. Good luck to her - I'm sure she'll get a recoding contract for at least one CD and that will be a bestseller. I hope and pray it makes her happy; I'm a lot worried she may find fame doesn't suit her. Hopefully Simon Cowell will look after her.

I've got a couple of live performances coming up. Claire, Sara and I are off to see Jools Holland in a couple of weeks - that'll be the third year running. And Claire and I are going to see Buddy Holly again. The revival is on tour. We saw it in the West End a couple of months ago but since it is coming to Croydon, it's got to be worth seeing it again.


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