Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, November 16, 2009

Pour Parlez ..
Well I've not written much recently here.  I've been busy over at Squidoo.  I have four lenses in the top tier now, including my greatest sax solo lens which is doing really well.  If they stay there - which admittedly is far from certain - those 4 pages will be worth $70 per month in tier payments, plus any affiliate sales (which are minimal o those lenses for all sorts of lenses).  So the target is to get another lens into that tier and I'm hoping my new lens on the famous Widor Toccata will be the one.  My lens on his Allegro is almost at the top of Google, but traffic is low as that is much less famous than the Toccata.  Still a great piece of organ music though.  I only write about things which interest me. 

You do know the Toccata.  Honest.  Everybody does.  It's one of the classics.  Take a listen.  The lens isn't quite finished (and proclaims itself to be under construction) but all it's missing are the Amazon links and you, my favoured readers, don't need those do you?

Les Hommes
It's been both a good week and a disappointing week on the men front.  I was chatted up the other day by a really good-looking young guy.  He didn't have the personality that I am looking for.  A complete non-starter.  But flattering of course.

On Wednesday I saw a guy for coffee after work.  It was intended as a quick one but he stayed 90 minutes and I thought the date had gone pretty well.  I definitely wanted to see him again.  Sadly, it hadn't clicked for him.  Sad.  At one level I wasn't totally surprised.  While he had enough force of personalIity for me to be interested, I suspect he found me somewhat overwhelming.  There was a group of ladies I spent time with on holiday this time last year who dubbed me "Head Girl" because I am confident and an organiser.  A shame though because he was cute and loves travel.

The truth is it isn't easy to find a great guy.  In fact if you talk with most single women they'll tell you it isn't that easy to find a good guy, let along a great one.  I'll keep on looking though. I'm sure somebody is out there.


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