Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm increasingly spending time writing.  I have just bought the Writers handbook (altough I have just looked on Amazon and it's way cheaper there - mistake!) in London.  There is definitely a novel bubbling.  I've an outline in mind and will try to get it down on paper.   It's temping, but I am worried that a novel is a very big amount of work, with a fairly low chance of selling many copies.

I will hold that idea in reserve, I think.

I did have an idea for a children's book though.  That was a surprise.  I've started drafting that.  It's why I bought the handbook as I need to try marketing it.  All the advice is that it is almost as hard to find an agent as it is a publisher - until you have been published the first time.  If I could get the children's book finished, then that should help me find an agent.

At present the idea is fiction.  I'll need to spend some time on it.  It's only when it's refined that I'll decide whether it really does have commercial potential or not.  I hope so.  I would also like to write a non-fiction title for children but I need to do some research first to see what the competition looks like.  Writing books is a commercial activity, as much as it is an artistic one, and there is no point writing a book which isn't commercially viable.

I'm also intending to look into writing commissioned articles - I have done it before, I just need to develop my own set of contacts.  I think I might also offer to write marketing material for professional services firms.  I just enjoy writing.

It's looking almost certain as well that the Egyptological Magazine will go ahead with Andie Byrnes and I as editor.  It'll be a lot of work setting it up, but experience as an editor would be very good for me.


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