Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I was doing some Internet traffic analysis to find out how mant people search for gingerbread cookie cutters, as one does - lol!  (It's my latest Squidoo creation - I'll do a couple of proper posts about my work on there sometime soon).  Just before turning off, I thought I'd see how many people a month search for Phizackerley on Google.  Apparently about 1,000 people a month do that.

What suprised me is that it displayed the largest related search which is Kate Phizackerley.  That's searched for140 times a month.  No of those I might account for 3 or 5.  Once a week or so I do have a look to see whether my Business blog has been notices for instance.  The other 135 times aren't me - nor are any searches on Bing which are extra to these figures.  Now I have worked out that there are at least two other Kate Phizackerley's, one of whom was part of the Phizackerley inheritance tax case (which has nothing to do with me) so I doubt that 135 people were all looking for me, but I guess some probably were.  I know my various writings are read by a few thousand people each week, but people searching for you in Google is still a strange sensation.

I know many people dream of being famous.  I don't.  I'm flattered by the number of people who read what I have to say but were I a famous Hollywood actress (dream on Kate - you've neither the talent nor the looks!) then I'd be like more like Greta Garbo than Katie Price - picking two opposites.

Incidentally the next biggest Phizackerley search is John Phizackerley with 91 montly searches.  That surprised me as I guessed it would be (leaving aside the fact I hadn't expected Kate to be first) Stephanie Phizackerley who is (or was) a senior manager at PWC.  I've never met her but I am told she is a nice lady.

So  that was my strange tangent from my research into search patterns for people wanting to buy gingerbread cookie cutters.  I guess many of you are wondering how many people search for that phrase?   That's a surprising 5,400 searches a month.  An amazing 14,800 searches a month for gingerbread cookie cutter (singular).  Wow!  Maybe though the odder one is that 1,600 people a month search for horse cookie cutters.  I hadn't realised they even existed.

I know you think it's sad that I can find numbers interesting but I am a mathematician at heart and numbers are interesting.


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