Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Saturday, August 07, 2010

I'd a date with a guy over 3 weeks ago. Of the two hours we were together in the pub, he spent well over half telling me about his marriage breakdown. I waited a few days and when I'd not heard from him, I sent him a brief note thanking him for the date and said I'd like to see him again if only no-strings theatre trips.

I've still not heard from him. Well frankly good riddance if that's how he behaves. I don't mind him not wanting to see me again. Nobody can legislate for chemistry. If it isn't there for him, it isn't there. I'm also aware I'm an independent-minded woman and not all guys like that.

I do object though to lack of courtesy for other people's feelings - in this case mine. It would have cost him nothing to send me a very brief text message thanking me for the date but saying he hadn't clicked with me and didn't wish to see me again.


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