Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I've been writing WordPress plugins for a couple of months.  I have published one myself on the World of Glyphs.  That is where it will need to stay because it uses a font which I cannot licence under GPL, but I wanted to get one in the main WordPress repository.  That proved rather harder to achieve than I had expected, but it's done and my Taxonomy Picker WordPress plugin is now uploaded to the the WordPress plugin repository.  Full details are available on a Squidoo lens I set up as a home for Taxonomy Picker.

It was very hard because Vodafone mobile broadband, upon which I rely, has become hideously unreliable and keeps dropping connections.  Worse, the WordPress repository requires a strange type of connection to upload plugins and the Vodafone proxy doesn't handle that.  Fortunately I worked out that I can avoid the dreaded Vodafone proxy server by using HTTPS.  If it sounds complex - it was.  I'd no longer recommend the Vodafone mobile broadband to any serious business user.

Anyway, Taxonomy Picker is now available so we'll see whether anybody else downloads it and uses it but it feels good releasing free open source software and putting something back as I use open source software so much myself.


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