Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Thursday, December 09, 2010

I bought a bottle of Covet EDP, the first time I have ever bought a celebrity perfume.  I got it really cheap, so no tester.  I was meeting up with my friend Andrea so we both sprayed it on.  If you read the reviews below, you'll see a huge variety of opinions.  The smell on my skin was totally different to that on Andie's.  For her it settled don't very quickly into a fairly simple vanilla. Initially the vanilla was overlaid with sweet floral notes but they faded quickly.  It was never anything special.

It behaved totally differently on my skin.  The florals were totally absent.  I got fresh green which dried down into fusty geranium with the very faintest hint of chocolate.  The chocolate was never intense.  I also don't get the vanilla.  It's amazing how vastly different it was for the two of us.  I wouldn't say it was hugely complex for either of us; however on me it is very pleasant and quite chic in it's own way.  I won't wear it often, but when I do wear it nothing else I have would do instead.

PS After about 12 hours it settled into the vanilla for the last couple of hours.

PPS I added a more detailed Covet review and resource page on Squidoo.


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