Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, May 29, 2011

I've not forgotten about this blog but have been busy with other things.  I had a technical paper to right which hadn't been planned for in my schedule.

Other than that I have been working away at Egyptolgical, our new free online magazine about Ancient Egypt.  It has been a huge amount of work.  We soft-launched several weeks ago and are planning to publish the first edition within a month or so.  Many of the articles are in good shape, but a few need some reshaping and the process is taking longer than we had hoped.

Alongside that I am reworking the code, trying to streamline it and strip out some of the unnecessary stuff and then add in more functionality.  We have done the initial design for our photo library, for instance, and I need to code that up.

That's not eating up all the time though.  This week I went to see Jools Holland in concert.  We love him live.  This time the special guest was Sandie Shaw which was a surprise, I don't think I ever expected to hear her live.  And at nearly 65 her voice hasn't aged very much at all - maybe not quite so sprightly but still fairly clear. 

Rather than embed one of the classics, here is Sandie Shaw with the Smiths singing their classic Hand in Glove.


Jess said...

Sandie Shaw, eh? I'd imagine thats quite a memorable performance as she is one of those ever enduring stars, unlike large parts of the modern music industry?

I get to see Dolly Parton soon :)


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