Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Sunday Times suggests Jeffrey John is threatening to take legal action against the Church of England for discrimination.  John is a gay clergyman in a celibate relationship who has allegedly been blocked from promotional to the bishopric.

I am straight and as a Christian struggle with some gay rights but in this case I hope he does bring a case and succeeds.  It is right for the church to demand moral conduct according to its teachings.  It is thoroughly wrong both morally and legally to discriminate against someone because of how they were born. Should black bishops not be allowed?  John is celibate.

And yes, the same argument applies to women bishops. If John wins then presumably women bishops and lady Imams are inevitable.  At last religious institutions could be forced to stop discrimination. That's not secularism as some would claim but actually a flowering of greater spirituality.

For all religious people I hope John does mount a legal attack and is successful. It would take religion in this country to the next level.

I shall pray for his success not for gay rights but because it advances religious life.


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