Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Saturday, December 08, 2012

I moaned about my HTC HD7 the whole time I had it.  But it served me faithfully for two years until I sold it six weeks ago. And the software did get much better over time.  I think the problem was that Microsoft shipped Windows 7 for phones about a year too soon. 

I was replaced by a Galaxy S2 Android phone.  That was sat beside the bed this evening and died.  Not a chirp even when plugged in.  The main faults with the Windows phone were having to have a Live account to do anything.  Same with Android I suppose but I have a Google account so that made more sense.  An Android phone is also great with all the apps.

But Android phones are poor at being phones.  So if I end up replacing the S2 - and I suspect I will - then I think I will be back to a Windows Phone.

PS In the meantime I am back on my Motorola V66e


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