Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Saturday, December 08, 2012

I moaned about my HTC HD7 the whole time I had it.  But it served me faithfully for two years until I sold it six weeks ago. And the software did get much better over time.  I think the problem was that Microsoft shipped Windows 7 for phones about a year too soon. 

I was replaced by a Galaxy S2 Android phone.  That was sat beside the bed this evening and died.  Not a chirp even when plugged in.  The main faults with the Windows phone were having to have a Live account to do anything.  Same with Android I suppose but I have a Google account so that made more sense.  An Android phone is also great with all the apps.

But Android phones are poor at being phones.  So if I end up replacing the S2 - and I suspect I will - then I think I will be back to a Windows Phone.

PS In the meantime I am back on my Motorola V66e


Rimi-Internet-Marketing-Service-Provider said...

Hi, I'd like to share. Perceptively put and something that I hadn't considered up until now. As a lefty it's always a relief to see the headphone socket located anywhere but the bottom right hand corner though.
A very elegantly designed phone, particularly the deliberate shortening of the glass face to allow the speaker grills to peak out. And on the subject of the screen, HTC have released an updated version with a 'Super LCD' screen which remedies somewhat the display issues the reviewer noticed.
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Anne said...

Yea, you're right. My Google nexus is great I love it so much!!! But it dies so fast. But I use it a lot and I have a nice amount of apps maybe that's why. But besides that I love it.. thanks!
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